Almost ready to move

Our new HS News Systems Headquarters building is soon ready for us to take over.

At the start of 2021 HS News selected the location where they could build their new Headquarters, specifically designed for them. It is in a brand new industrial area of Kongsberg. There are not many buildings there yet, but they are coming. 

– Because this is a new area and we are one of the first to build here, there were a lot of permits that need to be filled out and approved by the municipality. During the summer we got all the premissions we needed and could start building, says Martine Hognestad Managing Director of HS News Systems.

Moving in

The official take over date is in week 7, but when HS News will actually move in is unsure.

– Our current lease ends in March, so we have plenty of time to move in to our new place.

– There are many people working simultaneously to ensure that we finish in time and we have a weekly meeting with Hallgruppen to monitor progress. It has been a fun and exciting process so far, but the largest job for us is yet to come. That is to clean up and move out of the old building and in to the new one. We can’t wait! says Martine excitedly.