Oppføringer av tekniskakari

From hand sorting to automation

Det Nordjyske Mediehus (DNMH) needed an automated sorting solution to effectively handle the increasing number of packages they sort and distribute. — We used to sort and scan every single package, Christian Hørbye Fabricius, Head of Logistics at DNMH, says. — The task was performed under great time pressure, as the amount of packages could […]

Almost ready to move

Our new HS News Systems Headquarters building is soon ready for us to take over. At the start of 2021 HS News selected the location where they could build their new Headquarters, specifically designed for them. It is in a brand new industrial area of Kongsberg. There are not many buildings there yet, but they […]

HS News moves to a new location

After several years in the same location HS News is now ready for a new start! The department in Kongsberg has rented a facility for several years and HS News has been on the lookout for a new space, but the right fit has never come up. Until now. When the properties at Basserudåsen came […]

Never a boring day at HS News Systems

After 24 years at HS News Systems, Stephan Axelsson (45) can not remember having one boring day at work. Started early Stephan has worked for HS News Systems since 1997, where he started as a trainee while at school. At that time HS News Systems had one of their first big clients in Finland. Stephan […]

Ubiway adapt their existing HS News solution

For several years Ubiway in Belgium have used HS News Systems’ solutions for magazine distribution. They are now in the process of adapting their solutions for distribution of other convenience goods. – Ubiway have been an important customer of ours for many years. We are excited that they are preparing for the future and are […]

HS News Systems explores new robot technology

HS News Systems is exploring new technology in order to offer more comprehensive solutions for warehousing, automation and intralogistics. “We are always looking for ways to improve our solutions and to offer our customers updated technology”, Martine Y. Hognestad, Managing Director at HS News Systems, says. Development and integration of robot technology In order to […]

25 years of developing systems for distribution and logistics

In 1995 the experienced engineers Rune Sletterød and Jon Hognestad started up HS News Systems. Their vision was to create smart solutions that could streamline distribution of print media. HS News Systems was the first company to offer this kind of automatic solutions for distribution of magazines and other print media. Their products HS Returns, […]

Modernizing distribution and improving the workplace

When Kim Larsen became CEO at the Danish distributor UBD in 2016 he saw the need to modernise their working method. “The packing and return process at UBD at that time was essentially based on manual handling of the products. It was a bit old fashioned and meant a massive workload for those who worked […]