Modernizing distribution and improving the workplace

Kim Holten Larsen

When Kim Larsen became CEO at the Danish distributor UBD in 2016 he saw the need to modernise their working method.

“The packing and return process at UBD at that time was essentially based on manual handling of the products. It was a bit old fashioned and meant a massive workload for those who worked with these processes”, Kim explains.

Modern packing and return solutions

UBD is the biggest distributor of magazines and other print media in Denmark. The company delivers magazines, books and reading material to stores all over Denmark.

“I knew that HS News Systems had some of the most modern packing and return solutions in the world. It therefore became natural to cooperate with them when the time came to take action”, Kim says.

The packing process at UBD became significantly more effective when they started using solutions from HS News Systems. The return process has become almost fully automatic, and the use of new solutions has also improved the workplace environment.

UBD uses solutions for packing and return, and in some degree the IT solution SVEA, from HS News Systems.

“We are very pleased with our cooperation with HS News Systems, and the possibilities for development of new solutions the partnership gives us”, the CEO at UBD states.

Improvement through dialog and transferability

UBD uses solutions from HS News Systems not only for their traditional distribution of magazines, but also for packing of medicines.

“The cooperation and dialog with HS News Systems give us the possibility to further develop the solutions in use. It also enables us to find new methods for other business areas, such as ecommerce”, Kim says with enthusiasm.

Kim and UBD’s goal, in cooperating with HS News Systems, is to create new systems to improve both productivity, efficiency and the workplace environment.