Never a boring day at HS News Systems

After 24 years at HS News Systems, Stephan Axelsson (45) can not remember having one boring day at work.

Started early

Stephan has worked for HS News Systems since 1997, where he started as a trainee while at school. At that time HS News Systems had one of their first big clients in Finland. Stephan was able to go to Finland and gain valuable experience as part of the project team.

– The project we had in Finland was the first time we set up a big solution for a client, and because of this we had to do a lot of developing while onsite. They were long days and with a lot to get done. Strangely enough that’s when I knew that this was something that I wanted to do for a career, Stephan explains.

HS News Systems - distribution solutions

No two days are ever the same

When Stephan began working with HS News in 1999, he started as a Software Developer. Since then he has been promoted to Head of Software and Services. As Head of Software and Services, Stephan has a senior role in providing support for his customers as well as developing solutions specifically for their requirements.

– No two days are the same. Some days I sit and answer emails and attend different meetings. Other days I’m constantly on the phone answering all kinds of questions from customers. That’s what I like a lot about my job – always something to do and never a boring day.

Stephan Axelsson, Head of Software and Services at HS News Systems

In Stephan’s role there is a lot of traveling involved. He tells us about the time he lived in England for several months and the many other places he has been able to visit through his work.

– Sometimes I get to see a little bit more of the country I’m visiting, which is nice, but other times the schedule can be tight. The deadlines are always the priority so sometimes we work very long hours and then straight to the hotel to sleep, Stephan recalls.

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Open structure

The people that work with Stephan in Horten, Norway, have worked there since he could remember. The structure of the company is built in a way that everyone knows almost everything. It’s called a flat structure.

– If you start something, you finish it. Of course we help each other out when needed, but all of us have been here so long that we know the company and each other like the back of our hands, Stephan explains.

What motivates you?

– Having a good relationship with our customers and being able to help them solve different problems is a very important motivation for me. I also like seeing the results of the solutions we provide to our customers, and that we deliver top notch service and products, Stephan states proudly.

HS News’s future

Today, most of HS News Systems’ customers are in many countries around the world other than Norway, but this might be about to change.

Lately we have been talking to companies here in Norway who are now interested in our solutions. I believe that this will mean a lot for the future of the company, an excited Stephan says.

Stephan Axelsson, Head of Software and Services at HS News

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