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Det Nordjyske Mediehus (DNMH) needed an automated sorting solution to effectively handle the increasing number of packages they sort and distribute.

— We used to sort and scan every single package, Christian Hørbye Fabricius, Head of Logistics at DNMH, says. — The task was performed under great time pressure, as the amount of packages could vary greatly from day to day. We were in dire need of an effective solution to keep up with the demand.

12,526,692 units in one month

DNMH, in Aalborg, Denmark, is the largest privately owned media house in North Jutland and one of Denmark’s oldest – it dates back to1767.As part of the business, the distribution department delivers letters, magazines, newspapers and a large amount of packages to around 353.000 households, holiday homes and businesses in their coverage area.
The distribution operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Only last month, they delivered 12.526.692 units to mailboxes in North Jutland.

New and effective working day at DNMH

Module based sorting solution

To ensure they have the capacity to handle increasing distribution, DNMH chose the new module based sorting solution from HS News Systems.

This solution can effortlessly handle up to 6000 units per hour, depending on the size and shape of the packages.
Although the solution offers many advantages, the modularity and limitless scaling possibilities was the deciding factor for DNMH.

— We wanted to future-proof our ability to quickly sort and distribute the increasing number of packages, but we also saw several work
environment benefits. Handling and sorting packages manually could be stressful for some of our employees. We wanted a system that would improve the working environment for them, Christian says.

Recommended by a long-standing partner

DNMH were recommended to HS by one of their long-standing partners, who are a supplier of production equipment.
They are satisfied that they have a sorting solution equipped for future challenges.

— The collaboration between DNMH and HS News Systems has been extremely professional and productive. Our inputs and wishes for the system that we continuously brought have been heard and quickly implemented. The collaboration has resulted in us today having a really good and complete sorting solution, which we are very happy about, Christian finishes.

HS News Systems is exploring new technology in order to offer more comprehensive solutions for warehousing, automation and intralogistics.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our solutions and to offer our customers updated technology”, Martine Y. Hognestad, Managing Director at HS News Systems, says.

Development and integration of robot technology

In order to fully realise the benefits and maximise the potential of robot technology, HS News Systems are investing in in-house robotic equipment. This enables them to provide fast experimentation, research and development of new solutions, along with increased quality control testing.

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Martine Y. Hognestad
Martine Y. Hognestad, Managing Director at HS News Systems

The robot technicians at HS News Systems possess the latest technical knowledge on how to best integrate robot technology into new and existing solutions.

Automation Technician Henrik Hansen at HS News Systems is Head of robotic solutions and integration. He has been working with PLC programming and development at HS News Systems for seven years.

Exciting potential and possibilities

“The small collaborative robot (cobot) from Universal Robots has very good developer tools, and we look forward to apply them to test different tasks. We are also exploring opportunities with robot vision utilising a 3D camera. The potential and possibilities are very exciting to us”, Henrik says.

See the cobot in action bellow.

Developing increased Robot intelligence is a continuing project within HS News Systems. A main goal is to develop Robot technology sufficiently, so the robots can teach themselves to perform tasks successfully based on a simple task description.

“It is of strategic importance that we should develop new solutions for our existing customers. It is also important in our aim of reaching new markets”, Martine says.