– They come to me when they need something custom-made

Despite being 69 years old, Dagfinn Rustand has no intention of retiring.

50 years ago, he obtained his professional certificate as a turner and toolmaker at Kongsberg Weapon Factory.

His expertise and knowledge are truly exceptional, and his mastery of turning and tooling remains as relevant today as it was five decades ago.

– Dagfinn is a top-class toolmaker and precision mechanic who can design and machine complex mechanical parts. This is especially important for HS News when developing new electromechanical solutions, says Jon Hognestad.

Dagfinn does not want to retire

Throughout his life, Dagfinn has worked as a self-employed business owner with his own company and workshop.

Upon reaching the retirement age of 67, Dagfinn Rustand made the decision to wind down his company, but he found himself unprepared for a life of retirement.

– I decided to sell all the machinery and equipment to HS News. Then I tagged along and became an employee, even though I was technically retired, Dagfinn laughs.

Choosing HS News was not a random decision. Ever since the company was called BMC, Dagfinn has been working as a consultant, offering his services as needed.

– It’s great to be able to bring my old customers to HS News. I definitely see that there is a market and a need for specialized expertise, Dagfinn says with a smile.


So what does Dagfinn actually do, you ask?

He engages in the mechanical production of parts, often parts that have never been made before, machining, and production of custom-made parts according to specifications.

– When someone requires something specific, they approach me with a design and I can have it made, Dagfinn explains.

In a corner of HS News’ premises, he has his own workshop and his own machines.

Only Dagfinn comprehends the intricacies of the equipment that he uses.

– I develop new parts, make old parts that are no longer manufactured, spare parts, and parts for various installations. I design things based on sketches and create prototypes using turning, milling, and mechanical techniques, Dagfinn explains enthusiastically.

He used to work a lot for different car workshops.

– Times change. Now we have a much more disposable society. Car workshops don’t need special parts like they used to. But there will always be a need for someone who can offer mechanical services. Now I mostly deliver to workshops.

– It becomes a lifestyle

As a «retiree,» he manages his workday himself and works when needed. That doesn’t mean he’s idle.

– I’m here every single day. It becomes a lifestyle. When I came here, it was almost like working half a day for me because I used to work so much and such long days at my own company. Now it’s good to be able to go home earlier if the weather is nice on a Friday, Dagfinn smiles.

Car passion

At home, the luxury car awaits. Dagfinn is very passionate about cars and has a pristine Mercedes SL550 in his driveway.

– I have a genuine passion for cars and have owned various models throughout the years, but my current focus is solely on Mercedes.

– I actively take part in car gatherings held in Holmenkollen, Larvik, and other locations in the Eastern part of Norway. Engaging with fellow car enthusiasts and enjoying the thrill of driving are what captivate me the most.

Although I used to tinker with cars, my interest in that aspect has waned. Now, the sheer joy lies in hitting the road and connecting with fellow car aficionados.

Makes his own hobby

Dagfinn is also an active pistol shooter, a trained gunsmith, and he makes and builds his own weapons for hobby use.

– I have never been interested in hunting, but I enjoy target shooting. It’s also exciting to put your own personal touch on a handmade firearm.

When are you going to retire?

– Well, I’ll stay here as long as my health allows,» Dagfinn smiles, hurrying on to finish turning parts for a wheeled chassis